Dr Christian Schneider new Medical Head of Division

06 December 2013

Medicines Licensing & Availability has employed Dr Christian Schneider as new Medical Head of Division. Christian Schneider will take up his new position on 15 December 2013.

The division was formed on 1 November 2013 through the merger of Medicines Regulation & Marketing Authorisations and Medicines Assessment & Clinical Trials. Mette Aaboe Hansen is Head of Division and Christian Schneider is Medical Head of Division. The division is responsible for licensing of human and veterinary medicines, authorisation of clinical trials, compassionate use permits, publication of Medicine Prices, definition of medicines in relation to other products, illegal sale of medicinal products and private individuals' import of medicinal products. The division has 170 employees.

Christian Schneider has an MD from Friedrich-Alexander Universitet Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) and an MD in medical biochemistry (2000). 

Part of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority since 2011

Christian Schneider has worked with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority since 2011. He was previously (2007-2011) head of the Division "EU Co-operation/Microbiology" at the Paul-Ehrlich Institute in Germany with responsibility for European, regulatory matters, licensing of medicines and clinical trials within microbiological vaccines, microbiological safety of biological medicinal products, biostatistics and inspections.

In the period from 2007-2011, Christian Schneider was a co-opted member of CHMP for biological and biotechnological medicinal products.

And in the period from 2009-2013, Christian Schneider was chairman of the Committee for Advanced Therapies; he is presently chairman of the Biosimilar Medicinal Products Working Party under the European Medicines Agency.

Christian Schneider has played a very active role on a European level and will continue to engage in this work alongside his new tasks.


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