ECA 30+, an illegal weight-loss product, may give serious side effects

12 December 2013

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has received a serious adverse reaction report about the illegal weight-loss product ECA 30+ bought on the internet. 

ECA 30+ is said to speed up metabolism in connection with physical activity and reduce appetite. 

ECA 30+ may give serious side effects

The report we have received describes symptoms in a healthy young man, including a fast heart rate (ventricular tachycardia), dizziness and close to fainting, after having taken ECA 30+. A fast heart rate may lead to cardiac arrest, unless the patient is treated immediately.

Sold illegally as a food supplement

ECA 30+ is sold as a food supplement, but in our opinion ECA 30+ is a medicinal product. The weight-loss product contains the substance ephedrine (30 mg/capsule), caffeine (200 mg/capsule) and aspirin (50 mg/capsule). Both ephedrine and caffeine increase the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases. Consequently, all weight-loss medicines containing ephedrine and caffeine have been withdrawn from the market.

We encourage people who have bought
ECA 30+ to:

  • Stop using the product and return it to a pharmacy
  • Contact a GP in case of suspected adverse reactions
  • Report any side effects to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority at

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