DKMAnet: Authorisation of retail sale online - questions and answers

Updated 13 September 2016

What advantages will I gain from applying for authorisation of retail sale online?

If you apply online, we receive your application immediately and therefore, the reviewing process can be initiated earlier. Furthermore, you can check your application status online.

Can I only apply for authorisation of retail sale online via DKMAnet?

No, you can still apply by email or post.

Can I find my retail authorisation on DKMAnet?

You can see which types of over-the-counter medicines your shop is permitted to sell, but you cannot see the actual authorisation yet. This option will be available as soon as possible under ‘Correspondence’.

How do I renew my retail authorisation on DKMAnet?

You log in to your profile and under ‘Retail sale’ (under ‘Company authorisations’) there are short help texts to which icon you must use to renew your authorisation. In the ‘Actions’ column, move the cursor over the icons to find the relevant button for renewal.

How do I change my retail authorisation so that it e.g. includes veterinary medicines (for animals)?

You can log in to DKMAnet and click on the icon ‘Add more OTC products to current application’ under which you can expand the authorisation by ticking the activity V.

You can also apply by email to Send an email.

What does it cost to renew a retail authorisation?

It costs an application fee in the year you receive the first authorisation. From then on, it costs an annual fee to keep the authorisation.

You can find the size of the fee under ‘Sale of medicines outside pharmacies’.

How do I report a new owner to the Danish Medicines Agency?

You can log in to DKMAnet and apply for a change to the application (indicate the new owner in the comment field).

As usual, you can also apply by email to Send an email.

Must I apply for a new retail authorisation if the shop changes ownership?

Yes. When filling in the application form, you must indicate the new owner.

Must I apply for a change of the retail authorisation if the shop changes address?

Yes, a change of address must always be submitted to the Danish Medicines Agency as an application for change.

You cannot move the retail sale of medicines without permission from the Danish Medicines Agency in the form of a changed authorisation. It costs an administrative fee equivalent to the application fee.

Where can I find a list of over-the-counter medicines?

See a list of over-the-counter medicines under Over the counter medicines (in Danish only).

Where can I buy the over-the-counter medicines?

As soon as you have a valid authorisation for retail sale of medicines, you can buy the OTC medicines from wholesalers and manufacturers in Denmark on presentation of your authorisation.

You are only permitted to buy from wholesalers and manufacturers who have a wholesale dealer’s or manufacturer’s authorisation from the Danish Medicines Agency.

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