Denmark helps Denmark

The healthcare services in Denmark have come under pressure in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak, and personal protective equipment such as masks, visors and hand sanitizer have long been in short supply. This led the Danish Medicines Agency to launch the Denmark helps Denmark campaign – a campaign where organisations, authorities, institutions and private companies here on this webpage can report their ideas on how to obtain more protective equipment, etc. for the regions and the municipalities.

We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your many contributions and constructive proposals – we registered more than 2,000 contacts via Denmark helps Denmark – and for the community spirit they express.

It is the regions and municipalities that buy medical devices and protective equipment for the healthcare services, and with the Denmark helps Denmark campaign, the Danish Medicines Agency has helped with establishing contacts between them. Now the regions and municipalities have set up special functions to coordinate the procurement of protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic, just as the regions and municipalities are focused on pursuing relevant suggestions submitted through the Denmark helps Denmark campaign.

For this reason, we will not be processing any new submissions, but will of course keep your suggestions and look at them again should it become relevant.

Any suggestions must relate to protective equipment and medical devices that live up to current legislation and standards. You can read more about the legislation on the website of the Danish Safety Technology Authority (protective equipment) and on the website of the Danish Medicines Agency (medical devices).

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If your approach concerns the production of equipment, please state where the equipment is manufactured and how far the process has come.

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