Deregistration of medical devices

Updated 19 September 2017

You must inform us if your company no longer has an obligation to be registered.

You can deregister your company by using the registration form below (in Danish only). Select ’’Underretning af ophør af alle aktiviteter’ (English: Notification about cessation of all activities). Log in by using your business NemID.


Registration form (in Danish, opens in a new window)

Note: You have 20 minutes to complete and submit the form after you have opened it. If you spend more time, we will not receive your form.

The annual fee is payable up to and including the calendar year in which the company's obligation to register ends. Manufacturers must pay a full annual fee for the year in which the activities stop, regardless of the date of deregistration.

An importer or distributor that ceases operations and notifies the Danish Medicines Agency during the first three months of the year will not have to pay the annual fee for the relevant calendar year.

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