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Updated 04 December 2015

There are various factors to consider when buying medical devices online.

Use your common sense

Be alert if the website:

  • promises that the device can work miracles
  • displays health claims from healthcare professionals and specialists
  • tells you stories about users who experienced remarkable improvements of serious diseases or a miracle cure.

You should also be alert to the below products that are marketed as medical devices:

  • Slimming devices
  • Energy patches that cure diseases
  • Gloves used for treating fungal infections
  • Holographic bracelets
  • Magnetic therapy devices, e.g. magnetic blankets

Ask your doctor

If you have any questions about medical devices on the internet or health apps for your smartphone, ask your doctor before you buy the product.

Look for the CE mark

Medical devices must be CE marked. The manufacturers are responsible for obtaining the CE mark. The CE mark is your guarantee that the device meets the requirements for safety and performance.

CE marked medical devices can be traded freely in the EU.

Denmark has rules governing advertisements for medical devices

We have rules governing advertisements for medical devices in Denmark. For example, advertisements must not use incorrect, misleading, exaggerating or inadequate information.

Advertisements aimed at the general public, that is you as a consumer, must not contain recommendations from healthcare professionals or other persons from the health sector who could encourage the use of medical devices on account of their standing. For example, doctors are not allowed to make claims about medical devices in advertisements aimed at the general public. Advertisements claiming that a device can cure serious diseases are also prohibited.

Not all countries have rules governing advertisements for medical devices, and you can find advertisements on the internet that do not comply with the Danish advertising rules.

Check if the website is Danish

It may be a good idea to check if the website is Danish. Check the following:

  • Does the company behind the website have a Danish postal address? Even though the website is in Danish and prices are stated in Danish kroner etc., the website may be run by a foreign company. 
  • Not all '.dk' internet addresses are registered in Denmark. 
  • Can you find any contact details on the website? If you cannot find a Danish postal address, it is most likely a foreign website.

Health apps

In recent years, the development and use of health apps have increased.

Health apps used to measure your blood pressure or blood sugar are medical devices. Health apps must be CE marked like any other medical device. The CE mark must appear from the user information.

Some health apps are used for wellness and fitness purposes and are not medical devices.

If you want to buy and use health apps, we recommend:

  • that you use your common sense and are critical of the app producer's claims
  • that you check whether the app is CE marked
  • that you consult your doctor if you are concerned about your health instead of using apps to make a diagnosis or treat yourself.

Guidance for consumers on health apps and software as medical devices

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