Export certificates - questions and answers

Updated 24 June 2015

In connection with the digitisation of the procedure for issuing export certificates we have received the following questions from companies. We will add more relevant questions and answers on a regular basis.

Will there be a transition period?

Yes. We accept if your company uses the former procedure, e.g. due to internal procedures that need to be updated. But we encourage you to start using the new templates on our website as soon as possible.

Do we have to enclose attachments (SPC, composition or specification) every time?

Yes. You have to enclose the attachments for each certificate, like previously.

Is the assessment time unchanged?

Yes, the maximum assessment time is still 7 working days from receipt of the request.

Will the Spanish CPP-1 be included in an updated version?

We will update all our templates, including the Spanish CCP-1.

Is there a fast track for urgent certificates?

To begin with, all requests for export certificates must be sent to Send an email. We empty this mailbox at least 3 days per week, maybe more frequently. Urgent cases should be agreed with the persons responsible for the mailbox. If this does not work, we are open to suggestions.

Can we add several products to one form? Otherwise, we sometimes have to attach many Word files to one email?

We would like to receive one Word file per certificate that you request. In that way, there is no doubt about how many certificates you are requesting. This is the same procedure as today, where you send one form per certificate you request. We can evaluate this procedure in a couple of months and decide whether we need to improve it.

Can we reuse the templates that we download? Can we fill in templates, save them on our own PCs and use them again – or do we have to fill in the templates online every time?

You can save the Word templates locally and reuse them. We will post a news item on this website if we change the templates – so make sure that you keep updated on news about export certificates and new templates.

Can we order several certificates in one email?

You can send several certificate forms in the same email, but we recommend that you specify clearly which attachments and certificates belong together. Alternatively, you can send one email per certificate and write ”Certificate x out of y” in the Subject field. In that way, we can send you all the certificates in one envelope.

The scope of digitisation

We have made Word templates available on our website. You can save the templates on your own PC and reuse them. We will post a news item on this website if we change the templates – so make sure that you keep updated on news about export certificates.

The present CPP format

We recommend that the CPPs continue to be 2-page documents. We have inserted fields that you can fill in as required, but if this is not expedient, you can unlock the form (a code is not required to unlock the templates). Naturally, we are open to suggestions regarding the flexibility of the templates, and with your input we can create good and useful templates.

Did you get answers to your questions?

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