Order book – National Variations Type II Quality

Updated 13 February 2018

The order book for type II Quality represents a list of national quality variations awaiting assessment, i.e. variations that concern changes to the quality of a medicine.

The list contains variation applications of various degrees of complexity, which draw on different skills of our many scientific officers. Consequently, the cases in this order book will not be reviewed in the order submitted, but will be initiated as the required resources become available.

The variations are sorted by date of receipt and are allocated a case number by the Danish Medicines Agency This individual case number is an identification number known only to the Danish Medicines Agency and the applicant. The order book is updated daily.

If you have any questions or are unsure which case number to use when searching in the order book, please send an email to GOD-Validering@dkma.dk

Updated: 17 October 2019

No# Case No# Date of receipt
1 2019061768 11-06-2019
2 2019081521 12-08-2019
3 2019092154 13-09-2019
4 2019092652 17-09-2019
5 2019093740 24-09-2019
6 2019094315 26-09-2019
7 2019100063 30-09-2019
8 2019101196 07-10-2019
9 2019101197 07-10-2019

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