Notifications about the supply of medicines

24 June 2020

The Danish Medicines Agency frequently publishes information about current and expected medicine supply problems. This page (in Danish only) gives you an overview of which products cannot be supplied by the company, the expected period of time and the cause of the supply problems. Medicine supply problems can be attributable to many factors, e.g. production problems or quality issues.

We publish information regularly, and the notifications will only cover medicine supply problems that are expected to affect the treatment of patients in Denmark. This would be supply problems affecting medicines that are expected neither to be available in other pack sizes nor as a directly substitutable alternative form of medicine.

The Danish Medicines Agency receives information about supply problems and the duration of the supply shortage from the company that holds the marketing authorisation for the medicine. But the patient may not necessarily be affected by the medicine shortage for the entire period since the stocks held by wholesalers and pharmacies are not taken into account.

The notifications are not updated regularly. Please address questions about the current status to the company directly.

Link to the overview of notifications about the supply of medicines (in Danish)