Reimbursement of medicines bought in another EU/EEA country

14 January 2014, Updated 16 January 2014
From 1 January 2014, you can obtain reimbursement of prescription-only medicines bought in another EU/EEA country under the general reimbursement rules of the Danish Health Act. You have to be covered by the national health insurance in Denmark and have a health insurance card (the yellow card) and the medicine must be reimbursable in Denmark.

Please note that the new rules do not impact your right to reimbursement from the public health insurance (the yellow card) of expenses for medicines prescribed by a physician due to sudden illness on holidays and study tours for up to one month or reimbursement from the European Health Insurance Card (the blue card).

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How to apply for reimbursement of medicines bought in another EU/EEA country

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