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  • Acupuncture needles with false CE marking

    | 16 April 2018 |

    Sterile acupuncture needles with false CE marking are sold online. We ask you to pay attention to these products because there is no documentation to support the product's sterility or the materials used to fabricate the device.

  • What is medicinal cannabis?

    | 12 April 2018 |

    The Danish Medicines Agency has produced a short infographic film illustrating the different types of medicinal cannabis.

  • Three new reimbursement guidelines

    | 03 April 2018 |

    The Danish Medicines Agency has issued three new guidelines on reimbursement (in Danish only). This regards Guideline on application for general reimbursement and general conditional reimbursement, Guideline on periodic reassessment of the reimbursement status of medicines and Guideline on the making of health economic analyses of medicines.

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