News items 2015

  • An impact on the European agenda

    | 15 August 2016 |

    In five short videos, we describe how we work with safety for Danish medicine users at the Danish Medicines Agency. The work extends far beyond the borders of Denmark when we assess whether to authorise new medicines and whether the side effects of a medicine are too serious in relation to its efficacy.

  • More clinical trials in Denmark

    | 09 August 2016 |

    Last year, the Danish Medicines Agency received 329 applications for authorisation of clinical trials of medicines in humans – 45 applications more than in 2014. The figures appear from the Danish Medicines Agency’s annual report on clinical trials.

  • Efficacy of emergency contraception may be reduced when taken with other medicines

    | 08 August 2016 |

    Women seeking the Norlevo or Levodonna emergency contraceptives should be aware that the efficacy may be reduced when taken with other medicines.

  • Medicines tested by Semler are no longer sold in Denmark

    | 04 August 2016 |

    Medicines authorised on the basis of studies conducted by Semler are no longer sold on the Danish market.

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