New coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated 30 April 2020
Grafik af coronavirus

The World Health Organization, WHO, has declared that the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has the characteristics of a pandemic. A pandemic is when a novel virus has spread to at least three different continents.

Below you can find links to information about COVID-19 from the Danish authorities. You can also find information and news on the related areas the Danish Medicines Agency is working with as well as get a status update on the worldwide research on medicine for COVID-19 and the efforts taken to counter problems of supplying protective equipment and medicines caused by the pandemic.

COVID-19 is a novel virus for which no vaccine or efficient medicine has been found yet. COVID-19 belongs to the same family of viruses as SARS, but it is far more contagious yet less deadly than SARS. Drug regulatory authorities around the world are supporting researchers and companies in their efforts to find medicines for COVID-19 and are preparing to process an approval as fast as possible without compromising on safety. If you would like to read more about the newest knowledge on the treatment of COVID-19, including the development of a vaccine, visit our theme page about medicine for treatment of COVID-19.

Another important aspect of the efforts to fight the epidemic in Denmark is to ensure that the health services have enough personal protective equipment. You can read more about this on our theme page about the supply of protective equipment.

Finally, the importance of making vital medicines available to patients is of high priority to the Danish Medicines Agency. This has become even more of a concern especially due the significant supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. Read more about this on our theme page about the supply of medicines.

Other authorities information about COVID-19
Stay up to speed with the latest news from the authorities, and find answers to a number of practical questions on how to deal with COVID-19 on the website edited by the Danish National Police. Scroll down to find information in English.
Danish Health Authority -
On the website of the Danish Health Authority, you can find many answers to questions about COVID-19, including how to behave during the epidemic and what to pay attention to if you belong to a special risk group. Some of this information has been translated into English and can be found here.
Statens Serum Institut -
For a current status on the number of tested, infected and deceased people infected with coronavirus, Please visit the SSI website (information is in Danish).
Inquiries to the Danish Medicines Agency about medicines -
The Danish Medicines Agency still handles inquiries from companies and industry organisations – including those that are not COVID-19-related – find the list of mailboxes to use here.
Danish authorities common hotline: 7020 0233
If you do not find the answer to your question online, you can call the authorities’ common hotline on +45 7020 0233.


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