Are you considering to buy melatonin online?

Updated 03 April 2018

Melatonin products are sold as food supplements from many foreign online shops. But in Denmark we have assessed that melatonin-containing products are medicines. Special rules therefore apply when buying these products on the internet.

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the brain. The hormone affects a number of physiological functions in the body, including regulation of your circadian rhythm (body clock) and sleep. Melatonin is used among other things to treat jet lag and other sleep disorders.

Contact your doctor if you have sleeping problems

We advise you to talk to your doctor if you experience sleeping problems. It is important that you receive the right treatment, and it may not be the case that medicine is the best solution for you.

You can buy melatonin in Denmark if you have a prescription from your doctor. If your doctor finds that you should be treated with melatonin, we recommend that you buy the medicine from a pharmacy or an online pharmacy that we have authorised to sell medicines to consumers.

Pharmacies selling medicines legally online

Authorised retailers selling medicines online

Follow the rules if you buy melatonin abroad

Private individuals can legally by medicines abroad when certain conditions are met. But be aware that even if melatonin is registered as a food supplement in another country, it will generally be considered a medicine when it is sent to someone in Denmark. You are not permitted to receive medicines from countries outside the EU/EEA.

You can read more about the rules on import of medicines here

We also encourage you to read our advice on how to buy medicines safely online.

Put your health first, and ask us if you are in doubt

Put your health first, and ask us if you are in doubt

Put your health first when you buy products online, and ask us if there is a product that you are not sure if you can buy online.

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