Was your medicine seized by customs?

Updated 09 August 2019

In collaboration with The Danish Customs Agency (Toldstyrelsen) and PostNord, we retain parcels suspected to contain medicines. We then assess if the product is a medicine and if the rules governing the import of medicine have been observed.

If your parcel is seized by customs, The Danish Customs Agency will send you a parcel certificate with a so-called P number (The Danish Customs Agency's case number) together with a letter of notification from The Danish Medicines Agency in which we inform you about the process ahead, the rules for import of medicines and ask you to submit any comments you may have to the import.

Next, we will send you our decision in which we determine if importing the product was against the rules. If it turns out that the import was illegal, we will explain the reason why.

You should expect this process to take about five weeks.

Consequences of our decision

If we determine that the product is not a medicine or that the import is legal, we will send the product to you as soon as possible.

If we determine that the import is illegal, the product will not be released to you and it will be destroyed.

In most cases of illegal import, you will be issued a warning. But you might also be reported to the police and receive a fine.

You can file a complaint against our decision with the Danish Ministry of Health.

You can read more about the rules on the import of medicines in the executive order on private individuals' import of medicines.