Private individuals’ import of medicines

05 November 2015

If you import medicines into Denmark for your own use of for use by your relatives, it is important that you study the rules thoroughly. This applies when you buy medicines online and when you buy medicines abroad. The purpose of the rules is to protect your health.

The Danish Medicines Agency wants to protect the health of citizens. Medicines manufactured in EU and EEA countries are controlled and subject to a very strict approval procedure. This is important to ensure that the medicines are effective and actually contain the substances printed on the package. In addition, the packaging material always has information on the product and any side effects.

Unfortunately, these conditions are not always met for medicines manufactured in countries outside the EU and the EEA. This may have very serious consequences. The medicines may be ineffective or very bad for your health. Consequently, there are restrictions for what products you can import into Denmark and how much you can import.

It is important that you study the rules governing the import of medicines thoroughly before you buy medicines online or import medicines into Denmark. You can read more about the rules governing import of medicines on the following pages.

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