Medicintjek: Mobile app with information about medicines

23 January 2012, Updated 31 May 2018

'Medicintjek', which literally means medicine check, is an app that can retrieve information in Danish about medicines. It is available for download on iPhone and Android mobiles and is offered free of charge for anyone interested.

The app allows you to search for information in Danish about a product, and you can scan the barcode of a medicine package to access information in Danish about:

  • Product name
  • Active substance
  • Indication
  • Recommended dose
  • Strength
  • Price (without reimbursement)
  • Over-the-counter information
  • Storage
  • Package leaflet
  • Any risks associated with using several medicines together.

Products can be saved in a bookmarks list where you can check information about any known risks of taking the products together.

Through one single entry point, Medicintjek gives access to information in Danish from the websites,, and

Download Medicintjek

Follow the links below to download Medicintjek.

Screen dumps

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Screen dump Screen dump