Side effects from medicines

Updated 07 April 2016

A side effect, also called an adverse reaction, is an unwanted effect of your medicine.

A side effect could be:

  • headache
  • stomach ache
  • cramps
  • effects on liver and kidneys.

If your medicine causes side effects, please report them to the Danish Medicines Agency

It is crucial that we are informed of side effects. Healthcare professionals and medicine users/relatives can report side effects directly to the Danish Medicines Agency.

It is possible to report side effects of medicines for humans and animals as well as medicines used in clinical trials.

Report side effects in humans

Report side effects from veterinary medicines

Read the summary of product characteristics

You can find information about a medicine in its summary of product characteristics. takes you to a site where you can download Danish summaries of product characteristics of medicines marketed in Denmark. The summary of product characteristics is intended for healthcare professionals.

Use the package leaflet

package leaflet comes with all medicine. It gives you information about known side effects. It also tells you how the medicine works and how to use it correctly.

Compensation for injuries sustained

If you experience side effects that are unknown or more serious than expected, you may claim compensation from The Danish Patient Compensation Association.

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