How to obtain medicinal cannabis

Updated 15 February 2018
Temabillede om medicinsk cannabis med tekst

Patients who have been given a prescription for a cannabis product by a doctor can buy it from a pharmacy. All pharmacies in Denmark must dispense cannabis products in accordance with a prescription under the pilot programme. Pharmacies are only allowed to give out cannabis products against an electronic prescription.

Cannabis products cannot be dispensed from pharmacy outlets since these outlets cannot carry out prescription orders.

When a patient goes to a pharmacy for a cannabis product, the pharmacy may need a few days to process the order. The pharmacy first has to order the product because they are not permitted to stock cannabis products.  

The aim is for pharmacies to give out a cannabis product to patients within three opening days.

When giving out a cannabis product to a patient, pharmacy staff must advise the patient about the product, the right to be given a cheaper product and tell them which pack size is the cheapest. Cheaper alternatives will not always be available.

If a patient is treated in a hospital, it is the hospital pharmacy that makes up the cannabis product for the patient and gives out the product to the patient.

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