Prices of cannabis products in the pilot programme

Temabillede om medicinsk cannabis med tekst

The prices of cannabis products in the pilot programme are set freely. It means the price of a cannabis product is determined by the company (intermediate product manufacturer) having imported the specific cannabis product to Denmark. The price of a specific cannabis product will be the same in all pharmacies in Denmark.

The Danish Medicines Agency has no influence on the company's pricing.

The prices of cannabis products are set for periods of 14 days when the companies notify price changes to the Danish Medicines Agency every fortnight.

The Danish Medicines Agency informs pharmacies, doctors and the public of the applicable prices on the website (on click one of the products under the heading" Cannabis product" to see the price)

A similar system applies to the majority of authorised prescription-only medicines in Denmark. 

The free price system and the changing prices every other week are to stimulate competition in the market, which may affect pharmaceutical prices in Denmark.

It is the companies that decide which cannabis to import to Denmark and hence which products doctors can prescribe. Therefore, some cannabis products might not be imported by more than one or only a few companies. This may restrict competition in the area, and that again may affect price development.

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