Applicants having applied for authorisation as cannabis intermediate product manufacturers

Updated 28 August 2019
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The companies below have applied to be authorised as cannabis intermediate product manufacturers (as at 28 August 2019):


Applicants whose applications are pending a decision:

  • Sterigenics Denmark A/S
  • Schroll Medical ApS
  • Agrima Botanicals ApS
  • HB Medical Hørsholm ApS
  • Medican A/S
  • Nomeco ApS (application put on hold by the applicant)
  • Bornholmerhampen IVS
  • Mads Pallisgaard Petersen
  • Medican Pharma ApS


Applicants who have been grated authorisations:

  • Spectrum Cannabis Denmark ApS (authorisation valid from 13 July 2018)
  • STENOCARE A/S (authorisation valid from 1 March 2018)
  • CannGros Aps (authorisation valid from 1 January 2018)
  • Aurora Nordic Cannabis A/S (authorisation valid from 18 January 2019)


Applicants whose applications have been refused or have expired:

  • Medcan Pharma A/S (authorisation denied)


Applicants whose applications have been withdrawn or closed:

  • Københavns Universitet, Institut for Plante- og Miljøvidenskab (authorisation closed)
  • Relief ApS (authorisation closed)
  • Medical Cannabis Import (authorisation closed)


Unless otherwise stated, the review of applications is still ongoing, and more applications may be added.


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