Adverse drug reaction overviews for cannabis end-products

07 May 2018, Updated 20 September 2021
Temabillede om medicinsk cannabis med tekst

The Danish Medicines Agency receives and registers reports of suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) of cannabis end-products covered by the Act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Programme. In the ADR overviews, we publish data from these reports.

While the ADR overviews can be a useful tool to identify possible safety problems, they do not offer a complete overview of the risks that might be associated with the use of cannabis end-products. Therefore, conclusions on the safety and risks of the products cannot be made on the data shown in the ADR overviews alone.

ADR overviews cannot be used to calculate the probability of experiencing adverse reactions from a cannabis end-product, and you cannot compare the safety of different products by comparing the figures in the ADR overviews.

When doctors, healthcare professionals, patients and relatives report adverse reactions to the Danish Medicines Agency, a suspicion that symptoms are adverse reactions of a product is enough to file a report. A reported suspected adverse reaction is therefore not the same as a documented, actual link between the product and the experienced adverse reaction.

Before using the ADR overviews

Before you start using the ADR overviews, it is important that you read the terms of use of the interactive ADR overviews

ADR overviews

ADR overviews of products admitted to the Danish Medicines Agency's list of cannabis products covered by the pilot programme:

Bedica "CannGros" (PDF)

Bediol "CannGros" (PDF)

Bedrocan "CannGros" (PDF)

CBD Drops "Stenocare" (PDF)


THC Drops "Stenocare" (PDF)

1:1 Drops "Stenocare" (PDF)

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