Task force on medicines for production animals

10 December 2010, Updated 13 April 2012

The Danish Medicines Agency and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration have established a task force on medicines for production animals, which is to unite and coordinate the authorities' food safety and animal welfare activities.

The task force was created as a result of a political agreement from 2006, which sets out a number of initiatives to clarify and improve the transparency of the pharmaceutical area, while making sure that the welfare of animals and food safety are accounted for.

Coordinated efforts

The task force assignments are to coordinate

  • the inspection activities of the two authorities,
  • the control activities of ensuring that practising veterinarians and distributors of veterinary products are financially independent of the pharmaceutical companies, and
  • the control and monitoring of prescribing patterns of veterinarians and medicine consumption in farming.

SKAT, the Danish tax authorities, participates in the task force to strengthen the two authorities' possibilities of making sure that the veterinarians and distributors of veterinary products are free of financial interests.

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