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Read about the tasks of the pharmaceutical authorities regarding the approval of a vaccine against COVID-19 as well as the supply of medicines and medical devices in general.

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Danish Medicines Agency expands capacity for safety monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines

10 February 2021

The Danish Medicines Agency and drug regulatory authorities around the world find themselves in a massive historic task of monitoring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Thousands of people have already been vaccinated in Denmark, and within a short period of time, the rest of the Danish population is expected to be offered vaccination against COVID-19. To ensure intensive and close monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccines, the Danish Medicines Agency is stepping up its capacity by recruiting more employees to process reports of suspected side effects.

Home-based clinical trials will be possible in the future

20 January 2021

EMA’s expert committee meets 6 January to decide on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine

22 December 2020

EMA starts rolling review of corona vaccine from Janssen

02 December 2020