Vaccines and medicines against COVID-19

Read about the current studies and development of vaccines and medicines for treatment of COVID-19, and how medicines can be approved much quicker in extraordinary situations, if patient safety is sufficiently assured.

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New EU rules on medical devices set to strengthen patient safety

26 May 2021

Today new EU rules on medical devices enter into force. The new rules aim to strengthen patient safety and ensure that patients can benefit from new innovative devices. Medical devices cover anything from contact lenses to state-of-the-art surgical equipment.

Annual report of the Danish Medicines Agency: The COVID-19 pandemic had a considerable impact on our work in 2020.

26 April 2021

EMA: Possible link between the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and unusual symptoms

21 April 2021

EMA to undertake a review of data as to the AstraZeneca vaccine’s efficacy in preventing COVID-19 disease

15 April 2021