Sale of medicines or food supplements online

Updated 09 July 2021

Before you start selling a product, it is important to determine whether the product is a medicinal product, a food supplement or another type of product?

The reason is that different rules apply depending on the type of product. Moreover, sellers that do not comply with the rules can be punished.

Do you want to sell medicines?

A company authorisation is required in order to sell medicines. The Danish Medicines Agency issues company authorisations.

Special rules apply to retail distribution of natural medicinal products and traditional medicines.

Assessment of a product to determine whether it is a medicinal product

A product is considered to be a medicinal product based on 2 criteria:

  • Presentation of the product – is the product presented as a suitable medicinal product for the treatment or prevention of diseases in humans or animals?
  • Function of the product – can the product be used in humans or animals to restore, correct or modify physiological functions?

We make an overall assessment of a product to determine whether it is a medicinal product. Generally, a product is considered a medicinal product if it meets one of the above criteria. Read more about the definition of a medicine and how we distinguish between the various types of healthcare products.

Other products than medicines

If you want to sell other products than medicines, please contact the following:

In doubt?

If you are unsure whether the product you consider selling is a medicine, please contact our Borderline team.