Publications 2014

  • Annual report 2013 clinical trials of medicines in humans

    | 03 July 2014 |

    The Danish Health Authority's has published its annual report 2013 on clinical trials of medicines in humans.

  • Annual pharmacovigilance report 2013

    | 30 June 2014 |

    In 2013, the Danish Health Authority, DHMA, received the highest number of adverse reactions ever. A total of 6681 adverse reactions were reported to us, which is 35% more than the year before. The boost in reports is attributable to several aspects. A number of targeted campaigns have put increased focus on the area, but also the development and implementation of better IT services have made it easier to report adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Especially the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer got a lot of attention in 2013 and accounted for a large proportion of the ADR reports.

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