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News for the general public

Here you can subscribe to all news published on the home page of the Danish Medicines Agency. Relevant for doctors, pharmacies, other healthcare professionals, professional organisations, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, journalists and others who wish to keep abreast of the most important developments within the area of the Danish Medicines Agency.

Subscribe to this category if you only want to receive news about matters related to medicines and medical devices of considerable importance to patient safety. This could be the recall of medicines or medical devices, or information about new side effects. Approximately five notifications a year are sent out in this category.

Other field-specific notifications for healthcare professionals and companies

The latest updates on adverse reactions – and any other safety updates – either from the European Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee, PRAC, or from national ADR signals or the like. The news category is particularly relevant for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Relevant for human and veterinary pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc. This category includes notifications about GMP, licensing procedures, pharmacovigilance (monitoring of medicines), etc.

Relevant for sponsors, investigators, monitors and other professionals who carry out tasks or are interested in clinical trials with medicines. The category covers updates to legislation, the status of CTIS, applications and fees, new guidelines, as well as invitations to relevant national professional forums and EU workshops.

Notifications about medicines for healthcare professionals. The category deals with i.a. changes to dispensing regulations for medicines. Relevant to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

This category includes notifications about supply of medicines to humans (human medicines) in Denmark.

This category includes notifications about supply of medicines to animals (veterinary medicines) in Denmark.

Relevant for medical device companies and medico-technical departments in hospitals and the like. This category includes notifications about CE marking, notified bodies, health apps, etc.

Relevant for anyone who wants to be updated whenever the Reimbursement Committee or the Danish Medicines Agency begins an assessment, a reassessment, a consultation or has issued a reimbursement decision.

Relevant for anyone who wants to be updated when the Danish Medicines Agency announces the availability of a pharmacy licence, and when the Danish Medicines Agency has decided who gets the licence.

Relevant for companies holding an intermediate product manufacturer licence, a development license or a license to produce cannabis bulk.

Relevant for retail shops authorised to sell over-the-counter medicines.

Relevant for veterinarians, farmers and others working professionally with veterinary medicines.

Relevant for companies who want to receive status updates on the availability of the access-controlled extranet DKMAnet.

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