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Licensing of medicines, company authorisations, supervision and inspection, clinical trials, falsified medicines, compassionate use, export certificates, fees, collaboration with companies.

Side effects and monitoring, biosimilar medicinal products, safety updates and direct healthcare professional communication, adverse events, find medicines.

General and individual reimbursement, calculate reimbursement, medicines bought in another country, prices of medicines, product numbers, Central reimbursement register, reimbursable nutritional products.

Pharmacies and pharmacy licenses, sale outside pharmacies, over-the-counter medicines, substitution, private individuals’ import of medicines, buying and selling medicines online, report suspected illegal sale, prescriptions from another country.

Classification of products, CE marking, notified bodies, incident reporting, registration and marketing, clinical investigations, certificates of free sale, secure online shopping.

Veterinary medicines, natural medicinal products and vitamin and mineral products, euphoriant substances, medical gasses, radiopharmaceuticals, medicines affecting the ability to drive, cannabis for medicinal use.

Vision and strategy, contact, organisation, annual accounts, performance contracts, tenders, conflict of interests, jobs, about this site, design, campaigns, copyright, cookies.

Special news categories

DKMA Update is an electronic newsletter intended for medicine users and anyone who work with medicines (either clinically or in the pharmaceutical industry or the retail industry) and people who would like to gain an insight into our work and get the most recent updates on medicines and medical devices. The newsletter contains information about current medicine issues, the most recent safety updates and reimbursements

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