Our mission, vision and strategy

Updated 10 November 2021


Effective, safe and accessible medicines and safe medical devices that benefit society


The Danish Medicines Agency: Among Europe’s best in class

  • Active dialogue and collaboration – value to citizens
  • Quality and on-time delivery
  • Professional expertise and commitment – a fantastic place to work!
  • Help boost Denmark as a leading life science nation
  • Driver of European collaboration and a strong international position

Culture and Values

The Danish Medicines Agency is guided by three cultural statements in its work with a “Great Place to Work” – one of the top priorities in 2021.

  • We are curious, experimenting and we continuously learn.

  • We are open and collaborate based on professionalism and trust in one another.

  • We are a diverse, inclusive and egalitarian organisation.

Graphics showing the culture and values of the Danish Medicines AGency

Strategi 2017-2021

Strategy 2017-2021

The Danish Medicines Agency: Among Europe’s best in class! This is the title of our strategy for 2017-2021, which emphasises our commitment to both public health and growth in Denmark. The strategy describes a number of focus areas built on the five points of our vision.

The Danish Medicines Agency’s strategy 2017-2021 (PDF)

Licensing strategy (PDF)

Control strategy (PDF)

Pharmacovigilance strategy (PDF)

Strategy for medical devices (PDF)

Availability strategy (PDF)

IT strategy (PDF)

Communication strategy (PDF)

Quality strategy (PDF)


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