Publications 2006

  • Report on action against the sale of illegal medicinal products on the internet

    | 22 December 2006 |

    In November/December 2006, the Danish Medicines Agency carried out an internet action against the illegal sale of medicinal products over the internet. The action primarily focused on potency and diet products.

  • Product defects and withdrawal of medicinal products in 2005

    | 15 November 2006 |

    In 2005, there was almost the same number of reports on product defects as in 2004. The reports comprised both marketed and non-marketed medicinal products, including magistral medicinal products, which are manufactured according to a doctor's prescription.

  • Account of the blood product area in 2005

    | 21 September 2006 |

    The account contains figures about the collection of blood from donors and the use of the blood collected. The account is published annually based on figures from blood centres and the Blood-donors in Denmark.

  • Danish Medicines Agency annual report 2005

    | 29 August 2006 |

    The effort on ensuring consumer safety became very visible in the spring of 2005 when we decided to set up an individual division under this heading. Enhancing the safety of medicine users will also be the result of the new Medicines Act which entered into force in December.

  • Examination of single reimbursement for medicinal products

    | 31 July 2006 |

    On behalf of Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), Tranberg Marketing Rekommandation has examined general practitioners' knowledge, experience and attitude to single reimbursement for medicine ("Praktiserende lægers kendskab, erfaring og holdning til enkelttilskud til medicin"). The examination is based on telephone interviews with 282 general practitioners.