Updated 02 March 2012

Radiopharmaceuticals are medicines that are radioactive when used in patients. They are used in specialised hospital wards, primarily for diagnostic purposes.

The radiation from the radiopharmaceutical makes it possible to photograph and trace the products path through the body. The radiation is very low. In fact, it is usually lower than the level of radiation patients are exposed to in X-ray examinations.

Radiopharmaceuticals are produced both in Denmark and abroad. At present, radiopharmaceuticals are used in approximately 100,000 examinations a year in Denmark.

Authorisation and control

We set requirements for the quality, safety and efficacy of radiopharmaceuticals. Manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceutical products must be approved by us, and they are subject to the rules that apply to any other pharmaceutical manufacturer and medicine.

Application for handling radiopharmaceuticals in hospitals (in Danish only)

Package leaflets

Package leaflets of radiopharmaceuticals, like any other medicines, are available in Danish at

List of radiopharmaceuticals

Radiopharmaceuticals (Excel file in Danish only) (updated daily)

Report a side effect

The information we receive about side effects from spontaneous reports is extremely important. And it is important that we are informed of all relevant side effects.

It is possible to report side effects of medicines for humans and animals as well as medicines used in clinical trials.