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Updated 31 August 2021

Main activities

We have around 630 employees, and the four largest professional groups in our organisation are pharmacists, administrative assistants, doctors, lawyers and masters of social science.

The Danish Medicines Agency

  • authorises and inspects pharmaceutical companies and licenses medicinal products in the Danish market
  • monitors adverse reactions from medicinal products
  • authorises clinical trials
  • decides which medicines are eligible for reimbursement
  • monitors medical devices available in Denmark and supervises adverse incidents involving medical devices
  • appoints proprietary pharmacists, organises the pharmacy structure and supervises pharmacies and retailers.

We perform most of our tasks in close cooperation with colleagues from regulatory authorities and organisations in the other EU countries.

The Danish Medicines Agency’s organisation


The Danish Medicines Agency contributes to developing policies and regulations in the pharmaceutical area, both in Denmark and in dialogue with the EU’s other regulatory authorities.

The Danish Medicines Agency forms part of the Danish Ministry of Health. We assist the department of the Ministry in pre-legislative work and ministerial services.

Geographic location

We are based at Axel Heides Gade 1 in Copenhagen.

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