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The Danish Medicines Agency wants to help ensure that the common European regulatory network in the pharmaceutical area and the pharmaceutical companies in the EU achieve a successful Brexit transition in order to ensure the supply of medicines for the benefit of patients. Accordingly, we are ready to take on our share of tasks when the UK is soon leaving the EU.

The negotiations on the exact details of the agreement between the EU and the UK are still ongoing, and there are still uncertainties in a number of areas and not all questions can be answered yet.

However, to ensure continuous information to pharmaceutical companies and easy access to dialogue, we provide information on this page on the consequences of Brexit and give you our perspective on how we and the companies can work together to ensure a transition that is a smooth as possible when the UK leaves the EU collaboration.

The tabs on the left-hand side will be added information continuously as more and more elements fall into place in the pharmaceutical area.

Our ambition is to keep an open dialogue with the pharmaceutical companies on the challenges that they and we as a authority face in relation to Brexit in order to address those challenges in the best way. The more information we are able to exchange about plans in the market resulting from Brexit, the better we can adjust our work efforts to the needs – even if the plans are not final but just considerations.

We encourage you to contact us via the addresses you find on each of the tabs on the left-hand side so we can discuss your considerations. Please also send your questions in case you do not find answers here on this page, and we will do our very best to clarify the matter.


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