The Central Reimbursement Register (CTR)

Updated 11 July 2019

If you receive reimbursement, you are registered in the CTR register. The CTR register records how much money you have spent on reimbursable medicine within a period of one year – also called the reimbursement period.

Your CTR balance decides how much reimbursement you get. The more reimbursable medicines you buy, the more reimbursement you get. Read more about this on the page about reimbursement thresholds.

Your current CTR balance is shown on the receipt you get when you shop at the pharmacy.

At, you can look up your current CTR balance and see the start and end dates of your previous reimbursement period as well as the start and end dates of your current reimbursement period. Use your NemID to log in.

Reimbursement period

The one-year reimbursement period starts when you buy reimbursable medicine for the first time after the expiry of the preceding period.

What details are kept in the CTR register?

  • The reimbursement price of every medicine purchase you have made
  • The total amount of reimbursement granted
  • Whether you were younger or older than 18 at the beginning of the reimbursement period
  • The date when you bought reimbursable medicine for the first time, thus marking the beginning of your one-year reimbursement period
  • The pharmacy where the purchase was made
  • Whether you have been granted any reimbursement (single or increased) or reimbursement for the terminally ill
  • If you have made a deferred payment arrangement with a pharmacy
  • If you have been granted a healthcare supplement from your municipality

Who has access to the CTR register?

The individual person: You can look up your CTR balance and any outstanding amounts as well as granted individual reimbursement at

Doctors: Your doctor can see the same information as you can.

Pharmacies: All pharmacies in Denmark have access to the information in the CTR register, so it doesn't matter which pharmacy in Denmark you choose to buy your medicines from. You can switch between any pharmacy in Denmark and continue to receive the reimbursement you are entitled to.

Danish Medicines Agency: As the data controller of the CTR register, the Danish Medicines Agency is required to ensure that it works as intended and must therefore be able to access it. This also applies to any operators acting on behalf of the Danish Medicines Agency.

Can I avoid being registered in the CTR?

Yes, this is possible, but be aware that if you do not wish to be registered in the CTR, you lose your right to reimbursement. You will also need to inform all the pharmacies you shop at of your wish not to be registered in the CTR.