Product numbers on medicine packages

Updated 27 October 2023

Medicine packages must carry a product number. The product number is used to identify the individual medicine package (product name, form, strength and package size).

Product numbers promote the safe handling of medicines by pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, pharmacists and healthcare staff. Product numbers also ensure the generation of reliable drug statistics.

The marketing authorisation holder or a representative can order a product number for a medicinal product once the product has been granted a marketing authorisation. Product numbers can be obtained from Danish Drug Information (Dansk Lægemiddel Information A/S) that administers the scheme.

More information about product numbers

The rules governing product numbers are laid down in the executive order on product numbers for medicinal products

The price for a product number  is specified in the executive order on payment for 

In our guideline on variations to marketing authorisations for medicinal products and guideline on variations to marketing authorisations for veterinary medicinal products you can find more information on product numbers and the implementation process for variations to marketing authorisations.