Certificates of Free Sale to Danish manufacturers of medical devices

Updated 13 February 2024

Free Sale Certificates for Danish manufacturers of medical devices

The Danish Medicines Agency issues Free Sales Certificates (FSC) to manufacturers and authorized representatives of medical devices, who are headquartered in Denmark and registered with the Danish Medicines Agency. Free Sale Certificates are issued for products which are exported outside of the European Economic Cooperation and to countries without a mutual recognition agreement with the EU.

Free Sale Certificates are issued for devices which are CE marked according to the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR), as well as devices that follow the transitional provisions laid out in MDR Article 120 and IVDR Article 110.

The Danish Medicines Agency does not issue Free Sales Certificates for non-CE marked medical devices. Instead, either the Danish Chamber of Commerce or the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) Chamber of Industry and Commerce Section can be contacted through their respective websites for their issuance.

The Danish Medicines Agency issuance of Free Sale Certificates is not a validation of the products presented in the certificate. Issued Free Sale Certificates are valid for 2 years, unless Notified Body certificates are valid for a shorter period. The period of validity will be adjusted to match the expiration date of the Notified Body certificate.

Fees and Free Sale Certificates

Free Sale Certificates are subject to a fee. In 2024, the fee is 1,302 DKK per request, please see Executive Order no. 839 of 20 June 2023 (only available in Danish). Requests for certificates in different languages are viewed as separate requests and are charged with individual fees. Additional fees are not charged for multiple copies of the same Free Sale Certificate. The fee of 1,302 DKK is imposed regardless of the number of medical devices provided in the Free Sale Certificate. 

How do I apply for Free Sale Certificates?

Find the template you need to use in the table below. Right-click on “Download” and choose “Save as” and save the template on your computer.

English  Spanish
Medical devices (MDR)  Download Download
Medical devices (MDD), transitional provisions Download Download
EC Representative (MDR) Download Download
EC Representative (MDD), transitional provisions Download Download
EC Representative (IVDR) Download Download
EC Representative (IVDD), transitional provisions Download Download
IVDR Download Download
In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVDD), transitional provisions Download Download


Fill in company address on page 1 of the template and products on page 2 in the font “Arial”.  When the template is complete with information, send an e-mail to our certification inbox with your application where you inform of the number of requested Free Sales Certificates and the address and name of the person who will be receiving the certificates.

Attached the completed template and necessary documentation: Declaration(s) of Conformity and certificate(s) from the Notified Body.

We aim to issue the Free Sales Certificates within 10 working days, assuming the application is sufficient. If the application is missing information, we will contact you.

Documentation Requirements

There must be unambiguous correlation between the product names listed in the Free Sale Certificate(s), Declaration of Conformity and certificates from the Notified Body. As such, please precisely list the product name in the Free Sale Certificate as it is listed in the remaining documentation.

For CE marked class I medical devices, you need to only supply the Declaration(s) of Conformity for the products listed in the Free Sale Certificate(s).

For devices with a certificate from a Notified Body, you are kindly asked to attach copies of relevant valid certificates.

Always attach the completed Free Sale Certificate template

You must always attach a completed Free Sale Certificate template when you apply for said certificate. If you have previously received Free Sale Certificates on the same products, you may reuse the same template, potentially with an updated list of products.

If you need Free Sale Certificates on multiple products which are regulated under different executive orders, you are asked to send a completed template for each relevant executive order. The same applies for different languages of the certificates.

If you are going to export medical devices, you can find advice and guidance on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and with your branch organization.

Remember to be vigilant that different countries you wish to export to may have special rules on the subject.