Vaccines against COVID-19

Medicines agencies around the world are collaborating to approve and follow vaccines against COVID-19. Once the vaccines are approved, medicines authorities around the world follow up with monitoring of adverse drug reactions. Read about results, processes and new vaccines against COVID-19 in our three themes or in the question-and-answer below.

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Investigations of the AstraZeneca vaccine (Vaxzevria)

The Danish Health Authority has decided to continue the COVID-19 vaccine rollout without the vaccine from AstraZeneca. In this theme, you can read about the investigations of the unusual symptoms that were part of the rationale for this decision.

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General public

Here you can read about reimbursement, drugs affecting the ability to drive and other topics relevant for the general public.

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Information on licensing, inspections, fees, company authorisations, clinical trials and more.

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Healthcare professionals

This section gathers information for doctors, nurses, pharmacies, dentists and other healthcare professionals.


New EU rules on medical devices set to strengthen patient safety

26 May 2021

Today new EU rules on medical devices enter into force. The new rules aim to strengthen patient safety and ensure that patients can benefit from new innovative devices. Medical devices cover anything from contact lenses to state-of-the-art surgical equipment.

Danes know how vaccines work, but they underestimate how common mild side effects are

25 May 2021

More than one in two young people say the COVID-19 vaccine debate is characterised by misinformation

25 May 2021

New survey: Four in ten Danes would contact their doctor if they develop fever after COVID-19 vaccination

25 May 2021