Vaccines and medicines against COVID-19

Read about the current studies and development of vaccines and medicines for treatment of COVID-19, and how medicines can be approved much quicker in extraordinary situations, if patient safety is sufficiently assured.

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Evidence: How to evaluate the efficacy of medicines

To determine whether a drug or vaccine works against a given disease, the concept of evidence is used. But what does that mean and how do you evaluate evidence?

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General public

Here you can read about reimbursement, drugs affecting the ability to drive and other topics relevant for the general public.

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Information on licensing, inspections, fees, company authorisations, clinical trials and more.

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Healthcare professionals

This section gathers information for doctors, nurses, pharmacies, dentists and other healthcare professionals.


A rolling review of one more potential COVID-19 vaccine has started

06 October 2020

A rolling review of one more potential COVID-19 vaccine has been started by the European Medicines Agency, EMA. This happens only five days after the EMA started the same process for AstraZeneca’s potential COVID-19 vaccine.

EMA: Transparency and scientific independence – the basis for authorising COVID-19 vaccines in the EU

06 October 2020

Danish Medicines Agency takes tougher action to ensure the publication of clinical trial results

06 October 2020

EMA starts rolling review of a potential COVID-19 vaccine

01 October 2020