Vaccines against COVID-19

Read about the effect, safety and side effects of the 4 approved vaccines against COVID-19, which are used in Denmark and much more in our themes about COVID-19.

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Survey of the Danes' knowledge of the vaccines against COVID-19

The Danish Medicines Agency has conducted a population survey to gain insight into the population's knowledge of the effects and side effects of vaccines

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General public

Here you can read about reimbursement, drugs affecting the ability to drive and other topics relevant for the general public.

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Information on licensing, inspections, fees, company authorisations, clinical trials and more.

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Healthcare professionals

This section gathers information for doctors, nurses, pharmacies, dentists and other healthcare professionals.


Nine million packages of illegally sold medicines and medical devices seized in Operation Pangea

09 June 2021

This year’s global Interpol action Operation Pangea focused particularly on the illegal sale of medicines and medical devices related to COVID-19. In Denmark, the Danish Medicines Agency identified and reported 46 websites engaged in illicit sale of medicines and medical devices.

New EU rules on medical devices set to strengthen patient safety

26 May 2021

Danes know how vaccines work, but they underestimate how common mild side effects are

25 May 2021

More than one in two young people say the COVID-19 vaccine debate is characterised by misinformation

25 May 2021