Danish drug interaction databases

At interaktionsdatabasen.dk (the Danish Drug Interaction Database) and medicinkombination.dk (meaning combining medicines) you can search for knowledge about effects and side effects of using two or more medicines together.

Interaktionsdatabasen.dk is for healthcare professionals, and medicinkombination.dk is for consumers.

Download the Drug Interaction Database

Systems suppliers can download data from the Drug Interaction Database via web services.

If you need to use data from the Drug Interaction Database together with other software, you can download both the professional version and the version for consumers as an XML file (65 MB).

To download the Drug Interaction Database, follow these guidelines: How to download the Drug Interaction Database as an XML file (PDF).

Examples of solutions: Net C# solution for calling the web services of the Drug Interaction Database (professional and consumer versions) – C# example of how the XML is saved as a file or deserialized to an object.

The XML extraction contains descriptions of interactions between medicines. The medicines are listed under their active substances. When using the XML file in the previous format, the active substances must be matched with the medicines' brand names via linking with the price files of the Danish Medicines Agency.

The Drug Interaction Database is updated regularly.

Example of calling the web services of the Drug Interaction Database

Example of calling the web services of the Drug Interaction Database

Example of PIDB XML

PIDB V2B 2015-05-05 15-21-37 (XML)

PIDB V2P 2015-05-05 15-18-48 (XML)

PIDB V3B 2015-05-05 15-23-34 (XML)

PIDB V3P 2015-05-05 15-20-13 (XML)

Example of PIDB XSD

PIDB V2B 2015-05-05 15-21-37 (XSD)

PIDB V2P 2015-05-05 15-18-48 (XSD)

PIDB V3B 2015-05-05 15-23-34 (XSD)

PIDB V3P 2015-05-05 15-20-13 (XSD)

Description for systems suppliers

The Drug Interaction Database: Description for systems suppliers (PDF) (contains specification for XML file) - (in Danish only)

Changes to the Drug Interaction Database

The structure of the XML file may be changed. We will provide information about any changes on this website.

Release Notes

Version 2.7 - Release Note (in Danish only)