Publications 2011

  • Danish Medicines Agency’s annual pharmacovigilance report 2010

    | 20 June 2011 |

    In 2010, primarily the Danish Minister for the Interior and Health’s action plan to improve monitoring of side effects marked the work in the pharmacovigilance area. The action plan was launched in 2009 in cooperation with the Council for Adverse Drug Reactions and was fully implemented in 2010. The annual report offers an insight into much of the pharmacovigilance work performed by the Danish Medicines Agency in 2010.

  • Number of applications for individual reimbursement of medicines in 2010

    | 14 June 2011 |

    In 2010, we reached decisions in a total of 144,324 individual reimbursement applications against 138,714 in 2009, corresponding to an increase of 4 %. The figure breaks down to approx. 96,000 applications for single reimbursement (about 3 % fewer than in 2009), approx. 34,000 applications for reimbursement for the chronically ill (about 30 % more than in 2009), approx. 12,000 applications for reimbursement for the terminally ill (about 7 % more than in 2009) and approx. 2,800 applications for increased reimbursement (about 14 % more than in 2009).

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