Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (DHPC)

11 February 2013

Providing timely information to doctors and other healthcare professionals is of paramount importance whenever new information emerges about the safety of a medicine.

A Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (DHPC) serves the purpose of supporting safe and effective use of medicines, and it is sent out when new important safety information about a medicine has been obtained.

DHPC letters are sent directly to relevant healthcare professionals by the marketing authorisation holder or by a competent authority. The information provided in the DHPC and the target audience are decided together with the Danish Medicines Agency or by the Authority alone. DHPCs must not contain advertising or other commercial content.

To ensure that these letters are readily identifiable, the envelopes used for DHPCs must from 1 May 2013 bear the following sentence printed in black font on a yellow background: ”Ny sikkerhedsinformation om brugen af medicin – i samarbejde med Sundhedsstyrelsen”. (The Danish text means: "New safety information on the use of medicine – prepared in collaboration with the Danish Medicines Agency")

Label for DHPC

The Danish Medicines Agency publishes and maintains a list of circulated DHPCs