Vaccines and medicines against COVID-19

Read about the current studies and development of vaccines and medicines for treatment of COVID-19, and how medicines can be approved much quicker in extraordinary situations, if patient safety is sufficiently assured.

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Home-based clinical trials will be possible in the future

20 January 2021

Participate in a clinical trial from the comfort of your own home. It may sound a little crazy, but it is actually possible in many respects. The Danish Medicines Agency has started a project to enable researchers and pharmaceutical companies to conduct so-called decentralised clinical trials which by means of new technologies make it easier for people to participate in clinical trials. It makes it more convenient for the participants and increases efficiency, while ultimately getting medicines to market faster for the benefit of patients.

EMA’s expert committee meets 6 January to decide on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine

22 December 2020

EMA starts rolling review of corona vaccine from Janssen

02 December 2020

EMA receives the first applications for conditional marketing authorisation of COVID-19 vaccines

02 December 2020