Vaccines against COVID-19

Medicines agencies around the world are collaborating to approve and follow vaccines against COVID-19. Once the vaccines are approved, medicines authorities around the world follow up with monitoring of adverse drug reactions. Read about results, processes and new vaccines against COVID-19 in our three themes or in the question-and-answer below.

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News and notifications

Regulatory training on transitional trials in CTIS with open question and answers session

13 February 2024

EMA has organized in the series of the CTIS Bitesize Talk an event related to the transitional trial in CTIS Thursday, 29 February 2024, 16:30 (CET) - 18:00 (CET).

Continued control of companies' uploading of leaflets to the Danish Medicines Agency's portal DKMAnet

01 February 2024

Update of product information for veterinary medicinal products in line with version 9 of the QRD template

20 December 2023

First electronic product information published for medicines

09 November 2023