Vaccines against COVID-19

Medicines agencies around the world are collaborating to approve and follow vaccines against COVID-19. Once the vaccines are approved, medicines authorities around the world follow up with monitoring of adverse drug reactions. Read about results, processes and new vaccines against COVID-19 in our three themes or in the question-and-answer below.

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News and notifications

New criteria for the notification of medicines supply shortages

01 January 0001

The Danish Medicines Agency has established new criteria for when companies must notify medicines supply shortages. The new criteria make it easier for the companies to know when and for which medicinal products they must notify supply shortages, and a new form has made notification even easier.

The Danish Medicines Agency suspends the Danish marketing authorisations of four generic medicines

13 December 2022

Recall of the antibiotic Dicillin from Sandoz

06 February 2023

Current Danish QRD template to be used in connection with the granting of marketing authorisations

11 October 2022