Social media guidelines of the Danish Medicines Agency

13 April 2022

The Danish Medicines Agency has a number of profiles on social media. The purpose of these profiles is to enable anyone interested in medicines, medical devices and our work in general to receive and share information.


We appreciate constructive dialogue, and we respond to our followers’ comments and questions whenever relevant.

We do not review concrete cases on social media, and we do not respond to posts if that would require us to disclosure personal data.

We want for our social media profiles to create space for open dialogue – a space where everyone participates in a friendly and respectful manner.

We therefore reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive, discriminatory, racist, threatening or otherwise unlawful.

We also reserve the right to remove comments that contain harassment, promotional and spam content or which constitute a breach of copyright.

If we find that users breach these guidelines, we may block them and exclude them from our profiles.

These guidelines apply to all the Danish Medicines Agency’s social media presence, i.e. our main profiles and our employees’ agency profiles.

We take no responsibility for comments that are not published by us.

If you need an answer to a particular matter, for example a question about an ongoing case, please send your inquiry to: