Application for compassionate use permits for veterinary use

Updated 16 August 2017

Please submit your application electronically as this will ease our processing of applications. You need a NemID employee signature for this purpose.

Note that the Danish Medicines Agency does not give permission to use magistral medicinal products for veterinary use. Such applications must – in special cases – be sent to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Veterinarians can apply for permission to use a magistral medicinal product, which is not listed in annex 2 to the Danish executive order no. 1362 of 30 November 2015 on veterinarians’ use, dispensing and prescription of veterinary medicinal products.

Pursuant to section 11(1) (i) of the Danish Medicines Act, magistral medicinal products are defined as medicinal products prepared in a pharmacy for an individual patient or animal in accordance with a prescription from a doctor or a veterinarian.


Guidelines for application for a compassionate use permit, veterinary (in Danish only)


Application for single compassionate use permit, veterinary (in Danish only)

Application for general compassionate use permit, veterinary (in Danish only)

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