How the HPV vaccine works

30 November 2016

The Danish Medicines Agency has made a short video graphic about the efficacy of the HPV vaccine.

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The video shows how HPV infection may develop into cervical cancer. It also describes some of the studies documenting the efficacy of the vaccine and forming the basis for the authorisation.

”We recently launched a new strategy, and one of its key elements is that we need to become better at communicating. In the coming years, we are going to test various communication methods and produce more material like this video that is suitable for sharing on social media,” says Thomas Senderovitz, Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency.

The new video graphic about the efficacy of the HPV vaccine is similar to the video about the HPV vaccine and the monitoring of possible adverse reactions that we made earlier this year and which is available on YouTube.

”The times are gone when we, as an authority, could claim that the benefits outweigh the risks. There is great demand for more information about the HPV vaccine, and many people would like to know more about the efficacy and adverse reactions – without having to read the scientific studies. We hope that this video meets this demand by presenting facts about the efficacy in a new way. We’re very excited to see the response since we are continuously working on improving our communication.”

The video will be played from, which registers your use.

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