What is medicinal cannabis?

12 April 2018

The Danish Medicines Agency has produced a short infographic film illustrating the different types of medicinal cannabis.

Why are some cannabis oils legal and others not? And what is the difference between cannabis-containing medicine and medicinal cannabis of the pilot programme?

We try to answer these questions in a short film that illustrates the different types of medicinal cannabis that Danish doctors have the possibility of prescribing today.

The film goes through and explains the characteristics of:

  • Authorised cannabis-based medicines
  • Cannabis-containing medicine available via a compassionate use permit
  • Magistral preparations of cannabis
  • Medicinal cannabis comprised by the pilot programme
  • Illegal cannabis products

The film is available from our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, YouTube Channel and website. On YouTube you can switch on subtitles in English.

The film will also be offered to hospitals, general practitioners, patient organisations, etc. for displaying on for example their info screens.

Watch the film here:

The medicinal cannabis pilot programme

The video will be played from Youtube.com, which registers your use.