Thomas Senderovitz leaves the Danish Medicines Agency

Thomas Senderovitz has announced that he is leaving his role as Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency to pursue fresh opportunities.

After nearly five years as Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency, Thomas Senderovitz has decided to leave his role to pursue new opportunities as Senior Vice President of Novo Nordisk with responsibility for Data Science. As this is a job in the pharmaceutical industry, Thomas Senderovitz’ last day at the Danish Medicines Agency is 9 March 2021.

“It’s definitely not without sadness that I am seeking new opportunities. But it is not always possible to plan when new opportunities arise. It has not been an easy choice because I’ll be leaving a great place to work. The Danish Medicines Agency and the other health authorities are still facing a major task of handling COVID-19. But I feel very safe as I am leaving an agency full of dedicated employees and outstanding expertise. It has been a tremendous pleasure to fill the role as Director General for nearly five years.”

As of 10 March 2021, Centre Director Mette Aaboe Hansen will be acting General Director of the Danish Medicines Agency. The post as Director General will be advertised as soon as possible.