Danish Pharmacovigilance Update, November 2014

02 December 2014

Five years ago, we issued Danish Pharmacovigilance Update for the first time. We are delighted to celebrate the newsletter's fifth anniversary with more than 3,000 subscribers to the Danish and the English version, and we hope the interest in Danish Pharmacovigilance Update will continue to grow.

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Among the articles in this issue, you can read about how we have developed the pharmacovigilance activities in the recent years.

News from the EU

Ivabradine (Corlentor/Procoralan) and risk of heart problems, page 2

No consistent evidence of an increased risk of heart problems with testosterone medicines, page 3

EU's list of recommendations on safety signals, page 4

News from the DHMA

ADRs related to thyroid hormone replacement therapy: Remember the clinical picture at dose optimisation, page 5

Treatment with citalopram and methadone and risk of QT prolongation, page 6

Short news

Most recent Direct Healthcare Professional Communications (DHPCs), page 7

Danish Pharmacovigilance Update celebrates 5-year anniversary, page 8