Notifications for the pharmaceutical industry about licensing, supervision and monitoring of medicines

  • Clinical trials of the future place the patient at the centre

    | 20 January 2021 |

    In many cases, participating in a clinical trial is a considerable burden for the trial subjects. Clinical trials often involve many hospital appointments with a lot of travel and waiting time. The people who are affected the most live far away from the hospital departments concerned, with resulting unequal access to clinical research in Denmark.

  • Home-based clinical trials will be possible in the future

    | 20 January 2021 |

    Participate in a clinical trial from the comfort of your own home. It may sound a little crazy, but it is actually possible in many respects. The Danish Medicines Agency has started a project to enable researchers and pharmaceutical companies to conduct so-called decentralised clinical trials which by means of new technologies make it easier for people to participate in clinical trials. It makes it more convenient for the participants and increases efficiency, while ultimately getting medicines to market faster for the benefit of patients.