Reassessment of reimbursement status of ATC-groups C01, C04 and C05

18 December 2006

At its meetings on 19 September and 7 November 2006, the Reimbursement Committee discussed the reimbursement status of medicinal products in ATC-groups:

  • Medicinal products for cardiac therapy (C01)
  • Peripheral vasodilators (C04)
  • Vasoprotectives (C05)

Based on its discussions, the Reimbursement Committee is going to make a recommendation for the Danish Medicines Agency.

In the fact box to the right, you can find a link to the documents from Reimbursement Committee meetings (in Danish only).

For further information, please contact Nikolai Laursen on tel.: +45 4488 9102 or the Reimbursement Department, Send an email .

The Danish Medicines Agency, 29 November 2006

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