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Reimbursement status of medicinal products in ATC group A08, antiobesity preparations, excl. diet products: Consultation responses to the Reimbursement Committee's recommendation

04 June 2009

The Reimbursement Committee's recommendation on the future reimbursement status of antiobesity preparations, excl. diet products (ATC group A08) has been open for consultation until 25 May 2009.

The Danish Medicines Agency received four consultation responses. The factbox to the right contains links to the consultation responses (in Danish only) and the Danish Medicines Agency's announcement of 27 April 2009 where you also find the Reimbursement Committee's recommendation.

The Danish Medicines Agency now deliberates to reach a decision.

For further information, please contact the Reimbursement Department at Send an email.  

Danish Medicines Agency, 3 June 2009

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