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Report suspected illegal sale of medicines

Updated 24 October 2018

You can report suspected illegal activities with medicines or illegal activities in pharmacies to us. You simply fill in an e-form and you can choose to be anonymous if you prefer.

You can report a company, person or a pharmacy to us if you suspect that the person or company manufactures, distributes, imports, exports or stores medicinal products illegally or if illegal activities are taking place in a pharmacy. Fill in the e-form below and attach any relevant documentation you may have.

Report suspected illegal activities with medicines (e-form) (in Danish)

How to fill in the e-form

All fields in the form are mandatory. However, if you wish to be anonymous, do not fill in the fields with your contact details.

It is easier for us to take action if you attach documentation that supports your report. If your report concerns online activities, you can attach links to the relevant website as well as screenshots from the website. Links should preferably be active and clickable, so that we can get more information.

In some cases, we do not have access to the reported websites, e.g. closed groups on Facebook. Websites may also have been changes after you submitted the report. These examples make it difficult for us to act on the report. Consequently, the documentation you attach is very important to our work.

When you submit the completed form, all data in the form will be encrypted. Unauthorised persons will not be able to access the information.

The company, person or pharmacy that the report concerns has – like any other company, person or pharmacy – the right to request access to the documents of the case. A request for access to information will be processed in accordance with the rules of the Danish Public Administration Act or the Danish Access to Public Administration Files Act.

If you have filled in the fields with your contact details and decided not to be anonymous, we remind you that others, including the company or person that your report concerns, can request to be informed of your identity.

Possible consequences of a report

We can carry out inspections of companies authorised to handle medicines pursuant to section 39(1) of the Danish Medicines Act, and we may demand samples of medicines, intermediate products and raw materials from such companies.

If we conclude that the rules of the Danish Medicines Act have been violated, and depending on the circumstances, we have the legal authority to prohibit the distribution and dispensing of the medicinal product and to order the withdrawal of the product from the Danish market.